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Ungathered Thoughts

I'm leaving Fuzion today!

Today is my last day working for Fuzion! It's been a great experience. For the last four years I've enjoyed being part of the Fuzion team, supporting non-profit and charitable orgs (and the odd business!), working to support their efforts in online campaigns. I've also had a fantastic opportunity to work with the CiviCRM community worldwide, and it's been a privilege to be part of this.

I joined Fuzion in 2013, but my connection to Pete runs back to a decade ago, and hopefully far into the future too. He's been a hugely supportive employer and really has his priorities screwed on right. Thanks Pete :D

I've enjoyed the Drupal & CiviCRM parts of our work, but more importantly the community aspects of what we achieve. Not just "today I helped an org I believe in", but more that through our contributions to the CiviCRM project, we're able to help today's organisation, and many around the world, and some in future we don't even anticipate today. The most important part of that is not the code we contribute, but the community which builds that code.

I'm so grateful for the support to learn and contribute that Fuzion has offered me in my time here, and for all the many lessons I've learned along the way.

I don't know yet whether my next gig will include any CiviCRM requirements, but I do plan to stay involved. Civi folks - should you ever find yourself near the bottom of the globe in Dunedin, get in touch! We have some excellent breweries I'd like to show you ...