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Ungathered Thoughts


Sure, you can get in touch!

I'm mindful that we all are at a point in the online era where different social networks are useful, useless, or overwhelming to each of us in different ways. My preferred networks may not be yours and that needn't be an obstacle to establish connection because we have plenty of options.

You're welcome to reach out by email, if you take a guess at my address on the domain you should get it right.

I'm in the Fediverse as If you're on there, I'm good for a chat.

I'm on LinkedIn at If you message me on LinkedIn, I will probably see it within a few weeks, I check in there irregularly.

I have a neglected Twitter account (@xurizaemon), and an abandoned Facebook account (@xurizaemon). It's probably best to ignore those entirely.

I'm in a few community Slacks, Discords and the like. Same username as the above in most cases.