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Ungathered Thoughts


My primary project is living my life, being the best partner / parent / team or community member I can, and raising a healthy loving family.

I draw a lot, from sketches to more in depth efforts. I love to see and to capture what I see, however imperfectly. In 2022 I picked up a guitar and have been enjoying the (slow!) path to learning that skill as well.

I've been involved in open source communities for a long time, and I credit peoples' openness in sharing their process and work for much of my own learning.

I try to be present in the communities I'm engaged with and support others as part of my own development and mentoring. Thinking about the challenges others face helps me to improve my own understanding.

In my day to day work I develop software and support teams to use their tools effectively. In my role of Open Source Advocate at Catalyst IT I encourage our teams to upstream their work and engage the communities they depend on.

Open Source

You'll find me in the Drupal, PHP, and NPM communities maintaining or releasing tools which I'm able to as part of my work (or learning process). You'll find me on and as well.

I currently maintain some Drupal modules as well as dmore/behat-chrome-extension and dmore/chrome-mink-driver. I'm active in the Drupal community regularly and will sit on the DrupalSouth Steering Committee from May 2023 for two years.

I recognise the burdens of maintainership and should get around to setting No Maintenance Intended disclaimers on some of the projects I'm not actively developing.


I own and operate an online booking system for sports facilities which integrates with building access control to allow users to book practice venue access without onsite staff. This system has been in use at a number of venues nationally for over a decade, and it's an important tool to the clubs which use it. You can read more about it at