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Ungathered Thoughts

Chris Burgess - Resume

Professional objective & summary

I seek to build tools which bring people and communities together sustainably.

I'm an experienced and highly effective developer, adept at debugging, architecting and testing code. My strengths are broad awareness, empathy, and effective communication. Team success for me is about lifting capability, nurturing relationships, and eliminating obstructions.

I mentor enthusiastically and enjoy shared process and "working open". I'm confident and active community participant, contributing effectively to multiple open source projects. I see power in stories, and find narrative a powerful tool in building understanding to collaborate.

Data and technology is a powerful force to shape and change the world we live in. I recognise this as a responsibility and take security, privacy of personal, commercial and government data seriously.

I enjoy graphic and construction crafts, and am learning to play guitar.

Strengths & competencies

Programming & tools


Training and presentations delivered:



Senior Developer & Open Source Advocate

Catalyst - September 2017 to current day

At Catalyst I enjoy working with larger and more specialised teams. I'm proud to have shifted approaches from one-off, custom code solutions towards preferring reuse of tested, supported components with config-based implementations.

Senior Developer

Fuzion Aotearoa - May 2013 to August 2017


Giant Robot - April 2003 to May 2013

Built a small internet agency focused on development and provision of web-based software to a broad range of organisations. Operating a business taught me to combine focused development tasks alongside those essential to sustainably growing a business.


Open source maintainer & contributor - 1999 to current

Community and development responsibilities for a broad range of software components. Community development is critical to making collaborative development viable.

See for a list of current projects.

Officer & board member

North East Valley Community Development Project - 2019 to 2021

Community development project board member with responsibilities for governance, community relations, meetings, guidance and oversight, and financial responsibilities.

Code club teacher - 2018 to 2019

Mentoring and instruction of primary age students in software and game development.

Dunedin Security Group

Co-ordinator - 2012 to 2019

Organiser of software interest group to cultivate local knowledge and information sharing for computer security topics.

Board of Trustees member & chair

Pine Hill School - 2013 to 2019

Various duties of school BoT member & chair at Pine Hill School, Dunedin. Responsibilities include governance, BBQ operation, board and public meeting chair, community relations and issue resolution, and supporting the principal and staff in their roles.