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Ungathered Thoughts

Send shrugs 🤷

I find Matrix's /confetti, /fireworks, /hearts, /rainfall, /snowfall, and /spaceinvaders commands fun and entertaining (and too noisy to use often).

I've long been fascinated by the ways in which limiting vocabulary affects the way folks communicate and ultimately think. Consider the period when Facebook permitted the singular reaction "Like" to respond to news events, or whatever set of half a dozen emotional quick responses are available to respond to a LinkedIn post. Or Orwell's Newspeak, in "1984", a language created by a totalitarian state to limit the range of thought.

Sometimes - especially in the business world - it's important to express calm acceptance of a situation, and perhaps even celebrate this. For this I thought it'd be good to add a /shruggiestorm command to Matrix.

When I looked into this, I learned the Matrix team are not accepting additional effects (probably for quite reasonable reasons).

I wanted to see it in action; now we can. That button below will rain shruggies for you.

Source (being lazy, just linking):

Thankyou for your interest! For a more immersive experience, enjoy the Shrugs generator page.