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Thinking about future societies, living in the present. Humane web techno-generator for social change orgs. Believes in stories. Dunedin, NZ

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Delicious has been a great tool over the years, but I think the recent redesign has killed it for me. I’d built up a large archive of reference links over several years, but never been the sort to tag and annotate.

The new Delicious interface is very much about what’s hot right now, and this isn’t an interface which makes search and reference practical. It also seems to have some weird implementation issues - for example scrolling in OSX Chrome has this weird thing where it bumps around at the end of the scroll action. (Maybe the devs browser still shows scrollbar chrome, IDK.)

Anyway, basically it used to be really useful, and now it’s not, and if I care enough I suppose I’ll find a replacement :) Pocket is quite nice, but not the same thing.