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Thinking about future societies, living in the present. Humane web techno-generator for social change orgs. Believes in stories. Dunedin, NZ

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Your part in my site, or: Privacy / Terms

Fair’s fair: this page attempts to document the details of your part in reading the words I put here. Until recently I struggled to take my own writing seriously enough to keep it updated, but I do care about how the sites I visit use my data and so this is an (in progress) attempt to treat that responsibly.

By viewing this site (, the site shares your data with the following services / networks:

If you wish to NOT share your data with such services, I recommend considering a privacy extension for your browser. Check out EFF’s Privacy Badger if you don’t already have such a thing. Remember, badgers are an apex predator!

By further engaging with this site through commenting here or sharing it (the “Share on” buttons below articles), you will share additional data with the services listed there:

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  • Disqus for comments

New Zealand law doesn’t (I believe) require me to provide functionality to permit you disabling cookies or anything, so no such functionality is implemented. Come to think of it, the site functionality doesn’t require cookies, so you have my blessing to disable cookies for this site.

This site is not served over SSL, so the content of the pages you read is visible to the networks between you and the webserver; if you daily read an article on “how to get rid of lice” on this site, the cafe owner whose wifi you’re using may ask you to stop patronising the establishment.

No such article is likely to be written.