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Ungathered Thoughts

PGP in Parliament.

With greater awareness of the visibility of email content and traffic, I got wondering whether any NZ elected representatives had published PGP keys in order to give the public a means of communicating with some level of privacy.

S/MIME? I don't know of a way to look up Parliamentary certificates to obtain the recipients' cert, and otherwise you'd have to get an email from an MP or EA with their cert. (If such a directory exists, I'll be happy to update this.)

I checked the MIT PGP keyserver for results in the domain as well as seven domains (sorry if I forgot your favourite party, I've got that wrong before). The results are few, out of date, and not encouraging.

PGP keys in

PGP keys in

PGP keys for,,,,,

Friends in Parliamentary Service tell me that encryption is a hard proposition for use within Parliament, because there is tight control over what software can and can't be installed. I'm not sure what encryption options are offered by Parliamentary Services IT, but it doesn't look like it's PGP.

I emailed a handful of MPs to enquire about their current approaches to private / secure comms with consituents. National MP Amy Adams, the Communications and Information Technology Minister, referred me to Parliamentary Services. Through a response from PS I learned about SEEMail ("Secure Electronic Environment Mail"), which provides secure mail gateways to communicate between SEEMail-using agencies. By my reading of this document) it seems like SEEMail

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