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Thinking about future societies, living in the present. Humane web techno-generator for social change orgs. Believes in stories. Dunedin, NZ

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Just a quick post ‘cos I’m doing #nzsecretsanta this year and have been wishing my secretsanta recipient posted more about what they want. So here’s me paying it forward by saying what I like/where I’m at!

Last year I got some Sharpie sunglasses and a set of a dozen Sharpies - I really enjoyed the strong bright tones of the pens, which went well with my contour drawing style and liking for strong blocks of colour.

In 2016 I will be -

  • Crafting with wood (rediscovering this)
  • Sketching
  • Playing with technology lots
  • Building (or finding) a team environment that supports ongoing learning
  • Studying Mandarin (with Rowan, 6)
  • Practicing Tae Kwon Do (with Hunter, 8)
  • Riding bikes and playing outdoors with family
  • Playing futsal / indoor netball / anything with balls
  • Watching blackbirds hatch outside our window

We’re going up to Auckland in a few weeks, looking forward to a summer in the north.

Right now I’m building the 2016 election website for the Australian Green Party, enjoying working with the various tools in play. They have a great distributed team and a lively mix of skills on deck.

I may update this, it feels like a good “forward reflection” :)