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Thinking about future societies, living in the present. Humane web techno-generator for social change orgs. Believes in stories. Dunedin, NZ

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I’ve been reflecting on work lately. I enjoy the team I work with, the crews we collaborate with and our clients who are all pretty damn good people. But I feel like I could be learning a lot more, and wondering about something more challenging and which I’ll learn more from.

Then: how can I make my current work more challenging and more learning oriented, so that I’m learning and being challenged in new ways without having to lose the great team I’m with.

Tonight was graduation ceremony for TWoA Te Ara Reo Maori Level 2 which I studied this year. Great to complete the course (I had a lot of re-learning to do with regard to study habits!) but tonight signalled a new space in my life too (for now - Level 4 next year?).

So for now I can see a few opportunities to build things up where I’m at -

  • Continuing improvements to our technical systems, which I’m enjoying
  • Improving team collab within the company, which I think is something we could improve on
  • Growing things to a point where we can scale up beyond the current size, which I hope is a goal we share
  • Learning new tech to apply within our company, which I realise was easier to justify when I was self-employed

Not quite the same as being on team with people I can learn from, but I’m finding opportunities for improvement where I’m at all the same. And there are lots of good reasons to be happy here too.

Also: Tonight I started jotting down small things I’ve learned during the day, partly to combat the nag that “I’m not learning anything”. I am - it’s just easy to not notice sometimes. (Maybe I want to be learning things I value more; maybe I want to be learning more deeply.)