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Ungathered Thoughts

Lando v4 preview

I was fortunate to join a Lando v4 preview call back at the start of October and get a look at what's coming up in v4. Mike Pirog and Alec walked a group of us through some of what's exciting and how it's coming along. Here's my notes!

Lando v3.20 / v4 sponsor preview

The new services API sounds really nice, less bash build steps and more tooling to drop in eg PHP extensions, faster (caching layers instead of writing docker-compose files which require a full build on rebuild)

Orchestrator / Build engine (currently Docker Compose) becomes swappable, opens door for Colima, K8s etc - great news for folks who want that flexibility.

Will still use Docker / Docker Compose syntax generally, translate to other orchestrators & build engines, permits per-project build engine / orchestration (if desired).

Permits using full users instead of user mapping, decouples recipes more from current base images (eg bitnami/* for DBs).

Lots of existing but prev undocumented switches now documented in

Much nicer debug output (eg seeing results of failed healthchecks directly, debug output shows full output).

Stealth launch today of WIP v4 docs

lando service type looks great - it's compose service but image key can be any of: local dockerfile path, inline dockerfile, registry image, or configurations (eg "php type, but add xsl" only without copypasta of apt steps).

Version becomes easier to swap cos you can update services to Lando v4 individually - sounds good for maintenance, no big jumps.

Couple mentions of "Lando Team" for shared/common config - I didn't catch what this product / offering is, but it sounds interesting. It makes sense for Lando to be offering this sort of value extension.

Service groups (eg share configuration chunks like "get abc php extensions" between several services) could help tidy up some of our currently inheriting configurations.

All in all - looking really good, and grateful to the Lando team for sharing!