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Ungathered Thoughts

Lando + Metabase

Having heard buzz on it from colleagues, I wanted to give Metabase a quick try. I knocked together a quick .lando.yml to test it out. I'm impressed. Here's the .lando.yml I used:

name: metabase
type: compose
app_mount: false
image: metabase/metabase
- '3000'
MB_DB_TYPE: postgres
MB_DB_DBNAME: metabase
MB_DB_PORT: 5432
MB_DB_USER: postgres
MB_DB_PASS: postgres
MB_DB_HOST: database
type: postgres
database: metabase

This brought up a Metabase service at for me. I expected to be able to load data directly into Metabase, but I found you can mostly connect Metabase to external sources. So I added a MongoDB service to the above, and threw my JSON into that, and connected Metabase to the MongoDB store.

So - my first misconception I think was that Metabase was a store of data. From my initial look, this seems to be wrong - while Metabase does store data internally (ok, metadata I guess), it seems to want to give you a view of external data. Which may or may not have been yanked into Metabase to support your insights.

Then I realised I had other data sources I could wire into Metabase. I had a local Commerce site running in Lando, and expected that Metabase from Lando would be able to see the DB from that commerce site via Lando's .internal network hosts. I ran lando info in the commerce project, snagged the DB creds, and fed those into Metabase; it indexed the data and fed back a kind of "Facebook memories" of my commerce DB.

Facebook memories for Drupal Commerce

And some WIP visibility on a set of patches from Patchwatch:

Some patches

All in all, a decent first experience for trying it out. Looking forward to learning more.