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Ungathered Thoughts

Just the medicine

For the last several years I've been rigging websites largely for NGOs and dot-orgs who are campaign focussed - typically political or non-govt, and as often as possible lefty liberals who are trying to save the world.

Aldo asked me once to put my finger on what my aims were - I'd said I wanted to do good, but not what. His question was the right one; I realised that rather than finding something to be passionate about, I'd outsourced my motivations to orgs that were doing something "about right".

Realising that I was letting the situations and client pressures dictate what tools I was using was a good first step. I'm not toolyvangelist but you need to be selective about what you're working with, especially if you want to maintain passion about your work.

And I'm not all that passionate about some of the tools I've been using. I can make use of that - it's good to be critical and to be able to be dispassionate - but you don't want to go cold, and I want to relish working with the things on my bench.

My favourite people are tool makers, not tool users. That's an evolutionary thing.

And dogs. Dogs are good.

Oh, the medicine thing in the title, that was another post. It can stay.