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Ungathered Thoughts

Friday night, delighted.

It's Friday night, I'm delighted. Home and quiet, the fire warms the
room, it's midwinter cold outside. About a month ago I started working
for Fuzion, run by a long-time colleague and
friend Peter Davis. I'm loving it - a great crew to work with, it
feels like a good fit.

Right now, my delight is 100% because I get to leave work at
. I've always had a "protestant work ethic" thing going - I'm not
a particularly hard worker, mind - just kind of driven to work in
order to reassure myself that I'm doing my bit.

So tonight, I finished work around five, and then I went on a spree of
custom code removal (11K LoC gone in 1:15, yo - what a freaking mess
that was), and then I hopped the bus home. And I'm home, and putting
the kids to bed, and feeling absolutely healthy because I don't feel
like I have a pathological need to pick up some unfinished business
later on in the evening.

(Sorry, peeps with unfinished business, see ya Monday! Unless it's
urgent enough that you really need me. You've got my number.)

I love having a job. It took me a long time to realise it was a
healthy option for me.