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Ungathered Thoughts


OK, my blog at had gone pretty idle since joining Catalyst in 2017.

This is an interesting note - I think I felt that starting in a new role, I wasn't confident of my voice and paused posting. At Catalyst I started an internal blog once I got the hang of things, and realised I wanted a place to share thoughts. I highly rate this approach, tbh - I find writing helps me consolidate thinking, and it's an unobtrusive way to work openly and occasionally surprise your future self.

I've long had a pocket journal, notebook or digital journal / blog and honestly I think I mostly write for my own future self, but with others in mind where I can?

Anyway - I've pulled some of those internal articles across to this as a continuation of my process.

It's nice that so much of my former blog converted readily to Eleventy - testament to markdown as a format really. I'm more and more enamoured of the static site approach.

I've not really implemented any themeing at this point ... exploring Tailwind, just out of interest.