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Ungathered Thoughts

A second survey of NZ political party sites

A second survey, to follow the first unscientific survey of NZ political sites. On the eve of the Ikiroa-Rawhiti by-election no less.

I'm only following this up out of duty to my past and future selves, you understand. Also, it occurs to me that FPT probably offers a permalink to the report, and I could skip the images copypasta. But hey, consistency?

I am a little bit excited to see Mr Zeman's been busy putting together Speedcurve, it looks pretty fab from the demo. Hi Mark!

EDIT: Oh dear! I forgot ACT existed both times I ran this survey. I'm belatedly adding them in third place below, well done Berend, fastest of the Drupal sites here.

United Future


united future!





Drupal 7


NZ Labour

Drupal 6


NZ First

Drupal 7


NZ Greens

Drupal 6. Lots of room for improvement here!


NZ National Party

VAdmin 3.0 Enterprise



Website Administration System